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My Method

As a birth worker, I guide you by using methods of self-exploration and the integration of natural, mental, physical, and spiritual support in order to enhance your experience through the different phases of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. As your personal doula, I bring my many years of experience, intuition, and communing with nature to successfully assist you in creating a loving, safe, and gentle space that is catered to your own specific needs and unique situation. It is my life’s calling to do this work, and it is with great inspiration and love that I provide the best care possible, utilizing the most effective techniques known today.

About Me

I bring my love for nature, my passion for learning, and my intuition to the job I do.

Who is JoDoula? That is me – Joanne, a birth doula, inspired by children, women’s health, holistic healing, and nature!


Through working with a wide range of individuals I have found a connection between society’s way of living, our emotions, and how this leads to the outcome of our health. My background goes from working with special needs kids in the school system and group homes, to being a health interpreter, and working with pregnant women in an outpatient county clinic.


I love, love, love to learn from nature! I engage in different activities like beekeeping, organic and native gardening, hiking, and contemplating the beauty of nature. Between the demands of the everyday world, I also add self-discovery/exploration through meditation, reading, and practicing energy healing. The community I have built is surrounded by nature, my daughter, and my love partner. 

About Me
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JoDoula is continuing the tradition of cultures around the world in supporting women and their families in becoming parents.


At JoDoula I bring my experience of growing up with my grandmother and seeing first-hand how prenatal and postnatal support strengthens the relationship between mother and her new born. My intention is always to allow you to feel comfortable so you can find in yourself the strength and wisdom to motherhood.

Services: Doula Packages

Doula Birth

A perfect option for someone who has taken childbirth classes, has experience with breastfeeding, and is familiar with her birth options.

Doula Basics

A more comprehensive support

that gives you access to JoDoula’s education and lending materials.

This is a more personalized packet in which you get to meet Joanne in person and add a class or topic to be covered in our meetings.

Doula Extras

An option that provides you more in-person time and education to prepare you for birth. Doula Extras includes an extra meeting at postpartum to help you rejuvenate.


Education - Classes


JoDoula is designed for people like you who are searching for personalized support. You get to make your own decisions, and JoDoula will stand by you to support what works for you and your family.

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Spinning Babies


Learn techniques and exercises that will help the baby find his/her optimal position to navigate through three levels of the pelvis.

Cost per Couple:





A class designed for parents who want a deeper understanding about their birth options. This is a fast-paced childbirth class that sets you up to experience labor and birth.

Cost per Couple





Learn how the process of birth influences your breastfeeding and how you can better prepare for that. 

Cost per Couple


Mother & Blog

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