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Common Questions

  • Is it beneficial to have a birth doula just for birth to reduce cost?
    It is always beneficial to have support with you during birth! I have seen that even when the doula and laboring mother have not met before, women feel more at ease during birth/labor when a doula is present. Having someone there with experience, who knows how to be of support at different stages of birth, gives women the emotional support needed at a vulnerable time in their life. The benefit of meeting your doula before birth is that you are better informed about birth choices that can change your birth experience. You will build a relationship with your doula by seeing her and/or talking to her ahead of time. Meeting your doula before that intimate day gives you the chance to have an extra familiar face to remind you that you can do this!
  • Will a doula take over my partner’s role?
    I will play as much of a role as you want me to during your birth. During our interview, you and your partner can share how you feel about birth, and the amount of support you would like to receive from me. I have been of support to women who have family in the room by being a source of information and taking over for others to rest and refresh. There have been many instances in which I have been the sole support for the laboring mother with no other family members at the place of birth. Sometimes birth partners might feel nervous or foggy about the birth once labor starts. They might feel unsure about the plan they had in mind. Whichever the situation might be during your labor, I do my best to make you feel comfortable by being present when you need me to be there.
  • When in my pregnancy should I get a doula?
    The sooner the better! With doula support through your pregnancy, you will be better informed and know your choices. Awareness early in pregnancy helps you know what you might need and how to look for it. Having the information early on will give you the benefit to reach out to other birth workers and professionals who can enrich your pregnancy and birth experience.
  • How will a doula enhance my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience?"
    A doula is full of information ready to be shared! During pregnancy a doula will share her knowledge about the process of birth, breastfeeding, and more. Each doula has her own talents and approach. Doulas can also be body workers, healers, or hold a different profession not related to birth. In general, your doula makes you aware of birth options and provides emotional support. You learn about different birth settings, providers, alternative care, how to prepare for labor, and other topics. Why are these topics so important? Knowing what kind of information to look for and what to ask your provider helps you make informed decisions. The choice of how much you want to know and learn is yours! Knowledge helps you understand how your decision-making can influence your birth experience. A doula encourages you to be informed so you can be an active participant in your health! During labor your doula helps you and your birth partner cope with labor. I, at JoDoula, use different techniques to support mother whenever is needed. I let the natural process of labor unfold, and when mother and partner are needed, I guide them to use: -Eye contact to connect through the process of labor -Breathing techniques to calm the mind and body -Movement to help baby navigate the pelvis -A birth ball to bring comfort, movement, and room for baby to descend pelvis -Aromatherapy to relax, focus, distress, energize, and help with nausea -Rebozo to calm, relax, and help baby engage in hips -Pressure with hands to relieve and release tension -Spinning Babies® approach to help baby navigate pelvis and mother make room for baby -Words of encouragement to remind laboring mother of her strength and inner wisdom After birth, a doula will guide you through baby’s first latch at hospital and follow up with you upon your return home. The postpartum appointments differ from doula to doula. At JoDoula you get to choose a “Doula Extra Service” each visit. In general, postpartum doula care is about checking how you and your baby are doing, helping with light cleaning, errands, cooking, supporting you in whatever you need, providing education, and pampering you and baby. A doula will be able to assess basic needs like emotional feeling, breastfeeding challenges, and guide you to the appropriate professionals.
  • How can a doula be of support during a C-section?
    There are many different reasons for babies to be born by C-section. You and your provider will review benefits and risk for an abdominal birth, and define if there are any other approaches to try before proceeding. I encourage you to speak to your provider and ask if your doula and birth partner will be allowed in the operating room. Some hospitals will not allow anybody else in the operating room but medical staff. There are hospitals that just allow one person to accompany the mother during surgery, while other hospitals do allow one family member and doula. Either way, your doula can be of emotional support by clarifying information, giving you a massage, and using relaxation techniques while you are getting ready to go into the operating room. If a doula is allowed in, she can talk to you through the surgery to help you feel more relaxed and involved in your baby’s birth. A doula can help you latch baby right after birth and may stay with you or baby for support. If your doula is not allowed in the operating room, she can wait at the waiting room and meet you again after surgery to help you with breastfeeding. Prior to surgery, your doula will compliment or assist you with information about what to expect, microbia, getting ready for breastfeeding, and more. JoDoula can explain how obsidian can help with incision healing.
  • Why have a doula if I am going to use pain medication?
    Labor has different stages meant for the baby to descend, mother to make room for the baby, and the baby to rotate and navigate the pelvis to be born. A doula can help you each step of the way and encourage you to meet your goals. Prior to labor, a doula will inform you about possible side effects and the benefits of pain medication. You will learn about the benefits of laboring at home, which will help you decide when to go to the hospital, and how to cope before getting medication. When you decide to use pain medication, JoDoula will encourage you to change positions at the hospital bed, and use a peanut ball to help with the process of birth. During your hospital stay, nurses and care providers are in and out of the room. A doula is constantly with you, providing support and comfort through labor and birth.
  • Why do I need a partner to take the Spinning Babies® Parent Class?
    At this specialty class, you will learn some hands-on techniques. Your partner’s participation helps keep you safe and in balance so you can benefit from the techniques learned. You will practice the Spinning Babies® techniques at home to help you feel more comfortable during pregnancy and prepare you for birth. Having a partner at class will help him/her be familiar with the techniques. Take this Spinning Babies® practice as a time to connect with baby, share time with your partner, and bond together.
  • Is crystal healing safe during pregnancy?
    There are several gemstones that can support a woman's journey safely when becoming a mother. Before starting a crystal session, I will ask a few questions to familiarize with your health history. Obsidian healing is best avoided during pregnancy and limited to some extent for those women that have already been healing with obsidian before pregnancy. Women who have never used obsidian might be able to use it just as a home remedy for some aches.
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