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Spinning Babies Parent Class

Class focuses on mother and baby working together to achieve comfort.

  • 3 hours
  • $120.00 per couple
  • Jodoula

Service Description

Learn techniques and exercises that will help baby find his/her optimal position to navigate through three levels of the pelvis. Together, you and your birth partner can practice these techniques before and during labor to help make room for baby, take some time to connect with your baby, recognize the movements, and identify his/her position. This is NOT your usual childbirth class! We will NOT talk about the stages of labor, when to go to the hospital, and birth options. You are encouraged to complement your learning process with a childbirth class. This class is for expectant parents only. Professionals are invited in the Spinning Babies® Workshop. Class description: *Understand how mother makes room for baby and how baby rotates during labor *Learn how baby travels through the pelvis *Practice positions that will open the pelvis and become familiar with daily essentials *Create comfort now and have an easier birth later *Share baby’s movements and recognize his/her position *Embrace how balance, gravity and movement help mother and baby Questions How long will the class be? Answer: Three hours. What do I get to take home? Answer: Parents get access to digital handouts, the parent e-book, and to contact JoDoula with any questions. How much does the class cost? Answer: $120.00 per couple. What is the class size? Answer: The maximum is five couples. Ask for private classes When should this class be taken? Answer: The best time starts at 24 weeks pregnancy. Who should take this class? Answer: This class is for anybody seeking to increase a comfortable pregnancy and easier birth. A birth partner is required to come with you to the in-person meeting so you can practice techniques and exercises later at home. * The Rebozo and Daily Essential DVD is available for purchase.

Contact Details

  • Antioch, CA, USA

    +1 (925) 550-1170

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