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Childbirth Class - Intensive

For parents who want a deeper understanding about their birth options.

  • 6 hours
  • $300.00 per couple
  • Jodoula

Service Description

This is a fast-paced childbirth class that sets you up to experience labor and birth. You will learn about the labor process, when to go to the hospital, coping techniques, how a birth team can be of help to you and your partner, and much more. The class is fast-paced, designed for parents who want to become familiar with birth in a one-day session. You will receive information via e-mail and print. It is advised that you read and review some of the information before class so you can share ideas and ask questions the day of the in-person meeting. After the in-person meeting, you will practice and study the reading material to prepare for the upcoming day of your baby’s birth. JoDoula is always available for questions even after class! The intensive class is focused on information about labor and birth. Please refer to “Breastfeeding” and “Getting Ready for Postpartum” classes with JoDoula to get all the benefits of preparing for the after-birth process. JoDoula classes are designed to focus deeply on one subject at a time in order to get the most out of its content. Class description: *Understand Stages of birth, models of care, what a doula is, and how your birth team can help you *Learn coping techniques, options for pain management, when to go to the hospital, options for placenta and umbilical cord, newborn procedures, and baby’s first latch *Practice breathing techniques, labor rehearsal *Create: A) two aromatherapy room sprays (one for nausea and one to boost your energy) B) Write a birth plan *Share what you have heard about other parents’ decision-making. How did this enhance or change their birth expectations and experience, et cetera? *Embrace that giving birth is something natural and make the best out of it by preparing for labor and postpartum. Questions How long will the class be? Answer: The class is six hours and includes a one-hour break. What do I get to take home? Answer: You receive one anti-nausea and one energy-boosting room spray made with essential oils. How much does the class cost? Answer: $300.00 per couple. What is the class size? Answer: A maximum of five couples. Ask for private classes When should this class be taken? Answer: It should be taken starting at 24-28 weeks pregnancy. Who should take this class? Answer: This class is for women and partners who would like to become familiar with the process of birth and their options.

Contact Details

  • Antioch, CA, USA

    +1 (925) 550-1170

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